The Struberry Patrick

I have finally decided to share a creation that I have withheld since the day of it’s birth. Some of y’all may think it’s stupid… (You’ll get the joke later)

A ice cream flavour called “The Struberry Patrick”. Based off of the character, Patrick Star.

Struberry is South African slang for the word Strawberry.

As I have said before the creation is inspired by the animation television star, Patrick Star.

A picture of a pink star fish by the name of Patrick holding ice cream, supporting drip cream
Courtesy of SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick is known best for his role as Spongebob’s best friend and accomplice.

Sponge bob patrick star meme, invisible spray, Struberry Patrick
They have invisible spray on.

Mr. Star is also known as Squidward Tentacles’ “noisy neighbour” in the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award winning animated TV show SpongeBob SquarePants, it’s movies and spin offs.

Patrick star and Squidward tentacles in the Krusty Crab
I bet you know how Squidward feels rn

The “Star” of the show is known as a dimwitted character.

Some say he is only stupid because he “lives under a rock”.

Patrick’s house, courtesy of SpongeBob SquarePants

He is mostly known for his jokes and lack of intellect. One of the most funniest joke by the pair of characters being ” ‘what’s funnier than 24?…’ ‘ 25’ “.

Courtesy of Quora

Patrick is pink in colour. This is the main reason why I named the ice-cream creation after your bootyliciousness.

The Patrick Star, dat ass meme, Struberry Patrick
Patrick meme (“Dat ass”)

Other reasons include him being one of my role models.

He taught many of us how to be care free, how to be caring and loyal towards our friends and neighbours, showing us all that the world is sometimes in need of charisma and advice, even if it’s stupid… At least its a conversion.

Now for the creative process:

Courtesy of EmbroStitch

(Unfortunately, this takes a day or 2 to create. Mainly because of the dried fruit process[but you can get store bought, you know, increase your country’s GDP])

What you need;

Dried fruit, preferably mangoes or just a normal mango

Strawberry ice-cream

Ice cream cone/cup

Ice-cream sauce or sprinkles, to add taste.

The process;

(Skip the second step if you bought dried fruit.)

Cut mangoes (or substitute fruit) into thin triangles with the height of 4cm, base of 1cm and width of a Lay’s Chip

(By the way, you don’t really need a lot of triangles, just 5 or 6)

Lay the triangles flat and place them in shade near a window (under the bed maybe)

For those of you scooping your ice-cream… Bruh… This ain’t it! 😥 [stop scooping and go to you general swirled ice-cream dealer. i.e. Me!]

Swirl the ice cream at a 30° angle

(Please take care of your leaning ice-cream, all failures, non-successes, harm, damage, injury, allergic reaction, etc. Caused by the reading or interpretation of this article are solely the responsibility of the reader and not of or its affiliates. If you are lactose intolerant or you don’t know how to handle ice cream know your role!)

Stick the first triangle on the top (for Patrick’s head)

Put in the two arms.

And finally slide his two legs in at the bottom of the swirl, before the cone (or container).

And voilà, your own “Struberry Patrick”. Get yours from our Drip cream, contact us or just walk to our house in Sosha. And Enjoy.

An ice cream named The Struberry Patrick, created by the stayathimeteenager team
I made Patrick look happy

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